Give Back Sunday

Raising $100,000 in one day for world missions

Give Back Sunday

On Sunday November 14, Community Christian Church hosted Give Back Sunday! Give Back Sunday is a mission and outreach fundraising endeavor we initiated last year with overwhelming success. Through our 2020 Give Back initiative we raised all the money needed to finance our mission and outreach budget for the entire year.

Once again this year our goal is $100,000

If the Lord has blessed you financially, and you want to show your appreciation for his provision, we are asking you to prayerfully consider making a generous end of the year donation to help us meet all of our mission and outreach commitments, along with keeping our online streaming services going on all of our social media platforms. Please take this matter before the Lord and ask God to lead you in the amount of your gift. 

We will receive a special Give back offering on Sunday, November 14th. Please bring your gift with you on the 14th. If you are not able to attend, you can give online by going to our website and clicking the Give Today button and setting your Giving Type to Give Back Sunday. You can also mail in your gift anytime before the end of the year. We will receive Give Back Sunday income until December 31st.

Give Back Sunday is so much more than an effort to raise money.

It’s a practical opportunity to reach the world with the life-changing gospel message. Let’s come together as a church body to feed the hungry, defend the cause of the needy, and do something powerful to advance the Kingdom of God. 

Thank you in advance for your generous giving and faithful support of our mission and outreach endeavors.

  • Kingdom Kids Orphanage in Haiti
  • House of Hope School in Haiti
  • Key of Hope in S. Africa
  • Thailand
  • Living Waters in Uganda
  • Mission 25 in Cambodia
  • Rhema Pharmacy in Haiti 
  • Romania
  • CCC Food Pantry  
  • Alabaster Gift (Human Sex Trafficking)
  • Abigayle House (Unwed Mothers)
  • MCREST (Homeless)
  • House of Providence (Foster Care)
  • Grace Centers of Hope (Homeless)
  • Dutton Farms (Disabled)