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All the exciting happenings and events for our community!

Database Info Update

If feeling more connected at CCC was as simple as clicking a link and taking 30 seconds to fill out a form, wouldn’t you want to know about it? 

We’re currently updating our database to ensure we have your most accurate contact information possible. Our church wants to stay connected with you, but can’t if your info is outdated.

We’re looking at you AOL emails.

All you have to do is click the link below and update your contact info. That’s it. Once it’s updated you can be confident you’re getting the latest and greatest from CCC coming to the right spot. Don’t miss out on all the great things happening this season!

After School Hangouts

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 2PM - 5PM

Parents now thrown into the exciting world of homeschooling: The 2020 school year comes with a few extra challenges doesn’t it? 

Well, whether your kids are going to class in a school building, or their classroom is your dinner table, CCC wants to add some fun to your child's week! 

This Fall, we’re opening our doors for kids Kindergarten through 12th grade to come to the church for an afternoon of fun and connection every Tuesday and Thursday from 2PM to 5PM.

This after school hangout led by Pastor Adam, Tyler Green, and their amazing teams, will be the highlight of your kid's week! 

These hangouts will have a ton of fun packed into them as we play group games, teach interactive Bible lessons, as well as offer some tutoring if your child could use some extra homework support.

These after school hangouts are completely free and will run Tuesdays & Thursdays starting September 22 and run until to December 17. No advanced sign up required. Let's help our students turn Fall 2020 into the best school semester yet!

Prayer and Praise Service

Wednesday, October 7 | 7PM

Join us on the first Wednesday in October as we set aside one hour to pray and worship the Lord together. Each Prayer and Praise Service takes place at 7PM in the Main Sanctuary and provides childcare for your little ones. These times with God and each other are always powerful and help us stir our hearts for what is in store for the month.

2020 Fall Life Groups

Sunday, AUGUST 16

It has never been more vital to connect with others to both deepen our friendships and our faith. That’s why we’re excited that a new semester of Life Groups is about to begin! This Fall, there will be multiple groups offering both online and in-person meeting options. 

Registration will officially open Sunday, August 16, but you can check out all the groups right now!

The Exchange Young Adult Ministry

Friday, October 2 | 7PM

Attention 18-30-year-olds. This one’s for you! The Exchange Young Adult Ministry is moving to a new format with a once a month service beginning the Friday of the month at 7PM. 

The goal of this once a month service is to create a young adult community within CCC that is both passionate and equipped in their relationship with God and with others. 

Along with this first Friday service, The Exchange will be introducing 3 new Young Adult life groups which will be broken down by age and demographic.

We believe this new format will not only provide a great corporate worship experience for young adults, but also offer a means for more personal growth and relational connection than ever before. 

So, if you’re 18-30 years-old, sign up for an Exchange Life Group and join us for the first Friday of the month.

And if you’d like to use your gifts and skill set to serve in this brand new ministry, they would love to have you! Just reach out to the Exchange’s ministry director Zack Merren.

We are taking Young Adult Ministry at CCC to the next level, and are excited to see how

God will transform lives in the process.