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Interested in joining a Life Group?

Interested in JOINING a Life Group?


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Some groups may require the purchasing of a book or materials to participate. If the cost of the materials may be a concern that prevents you from being able to join a group, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office or your life group leader and we will be happy to assist.


Golf Co-Ed League

Led by: Darlene Green

Location: TBD

CCC is starting a fun, non-competitive golf league for both men and women. If you are a beginner or intermediate player at golf and you don't take yourself too seriously, then this is the group for you! We will meet weekly to play 9 holes at a local golf course TBD. 

• Meets weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursday afternoons

LOVE: 100%
Guns, God & Cake

Led by: Tim LeClaire

Location: Sterling Heights

Open to anyone 18 and up, who enjoys guns, loves God, and likes sugar. We shoot at the indoor, CQT range every other Wednesday in Shelby Township. Then we eat cake and view a 15-20 min Bible study video. Cost is about $9 for 30 minutes of range time and the price of ammo. You can bring guns/ ammo from home. Or rent a gun ($20-30) and/or buy ammo there. No experience necessary! We are a fun group. Come give it a shot!

Cost: Rental Fees and Ammo

• Meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays

LOVE: 50% | LEARN: 50%
Running and Walking for our Health

Led by: Mike Oginsky and George Leon

Location: Dodge Park in Sterling Heights

For anyone who wants exercise to stay healthy! Join us for running or walking, and to meet new people with the same interests. Everybody is welcome!

• Meets at varying times every Saturday

LOVE: 100%
Young Adult Volleyball

Led by: Emily Riffel

Location: CCC

A Co-Ed 18-30s group that meets weekly in the CCC gymnasium for volleyball. Expect a night full of fun, fellowship, Jesus, and friendly competition! 

• Meets every Friday at 6:30PM

LOVE: 90% | LEARN: 10%


Disc Golf

Led by: Brian Swain

Location: Sterling Heights / Macomb

This group is open to anyone who wants to play disc golf! Whether you are a casual player, a professional, or just plain curious, feel free to participate weekly or just drop in on the weeks that work best. Owning a set of discs is not required and they can be provided as needed (depending on the size of the group), however it would be recommended to own a set of discs if you are planning to attend regularly. Expect to walk— courses range from well maintained to mild hiking conditions (Cost will be minimal as the group will try to play on local free courses). 

Meets Mondays at 6PM

LOVE: 100%
Men's Basketball

Led by: Tyler Green

Location: CCC

A group for men 16 and older to play pick-up basketball on Monday nights in CCC's new gym. Join a group of solid Christian brothers for basketball games that will be competitive enough to get a good workout, but casual enough so that we can all have fun. All skill levels are welcome!

• Meets Mondays at 7PM

LOVE: 100%
Young Fathers

Led by: Dave Bongiorno and Andrew Gipe

Location: Sterling Heights

This group is for dads with younger kids to connect for fun, fellowship, and prayer. Half of the time will be for fun activities, while the other half will be focused on learning how to be a godly dad and husband.

• Meets every other Wednesday at 7PM

LOVE: 50% | LEARN: 40% | SERVE: 10%


Nuggets Book Club

Led by: Diana Klopocinski

Location: Sterling Heights

Fellowship of fun loving sisters coming together and sharing, praying, building relationships and discussing our monthly book! We also meet and do small crafts, cook meals for those in need, and have times of prayer.

Cost: TBD

• Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7PM

LOVE: 70% | LEARN: 20% | SERVE: 10%
Reading, Walking, and Talking

Led by: Lynn Cupp

Location: Clinton Township

Join us as we meet at various local parks that have trails, where we will read a portion of a book for half of the time and walk for the other half. This summer we will be reading through Dane Ortlund's "Gentle and Lowly."

Cost: $15

• Meets twice a month on Saturdays at 10AM

LOVE: 50% | LEARN: 50%
Women's Summer Bible Study

Led by: Pastor Terese Rea

Location: CCC

Join us for a short 4-week exploration of Anne Graham Lotz's "Impact Your Ongoing Legacy", with her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright. This study will consist of a 4 part DVD teaching with break-out discussion groups to accompany each video. No homework for the summer! Dates will be June 21, 28 and July 12, 19. Child care will not be available during this study.

• Meets twice a month on Tuesdays at 9:30AM

LOVE: 30% | LEARN: 70%


Summer Playgroup

Led by: Amy Swain

Location: Troy

A playgroup for families of children of any age! Join us as we meet at a local playground each week and to enjoy a picnic lunch if you would like to bring one. For days of inclement weather, we will meet at CCC's gymnasium.

• Meets every Wednesday at 10AM

LOVE: 100%
Splashpad Fun and Fellowship

Led by: Meagan Bozinovski

Location: Sterling Heights

Calling all Moms with little ones! Come join us at Dodge Park Splash Pad located in Sterling Heights for fun, sun and fellowship! Feel free to bring a snack, a change of clothes and a towel. You may stay as long as you like! There are also two playscapes on the property as well as a walking trail. 

Cost: $5 per meeting

• Meets once a month (6/28, 7/23, 8/15) at 12PM

LOVE: 100%


Intercessory Prayer

Led by: Terese Rea

Location: CCC

This is a group for those who feel they have the gift of intercession or are desiring to grow in the calling for intercessory prayer. We meet and have a time of study and then intercede over our church and the nations needs.

• Meets every Thursday at 9:30AM

LOVE: 25% | LEARN: 25% | SERVE: 50%
Monthly Focus Prayer Groups

Led by: Mary Schoenfeldt

Location: CCC

If you have a heart for prayer, a focus group is for you! We are a church that believes in the power of prayer, and we have different focus groups that meet monthly to pray for various ministries. We invite you to join us one day a month to be a part of the group that you feel called to! More information will be provided on specific dates/times for your chosen prayer group upon registering.

• Monday (Daytime): Children's Ministry

• Tuesday (Daytime): CCC Families and Military

• Tuesday (Daytime): Sunday Ministries

• Wednesday (Evening): Revival, Church, the U.S. & the Nations

• TBD (Evening): Outreach, Missions, & Evangelism

• TBD: Youth & Young Adult Ministry

LOVE: 25% | LEARN: 25% | SERVE: 50%
Sunday Morning Prayer

Led by: Terese Rea

Location: CCC

This is a group that meets to pray for our Sunday Morning services each week. We will have prayer before service for the worship, the message, and lives & hearts to be changed.


LOVE: 20% | LEARN: 20% | SERVE: 60%