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Women's Ministry

Explore the ministry opportunities for women at CCC

Precious Jewels

The Precious Jewels Women’s Ministry sees all women as precious and valuable! Through our powerful God and strong relationships, we are “striving to be a beautiful, refined jewel that the Lord will be excited to call His.”

Precious In His Sight

At CCC we value women and encourage their growth in God! As Precious Jewels, women experience a genuine passion for God – His Word, His Spirit and His ways. We seek an atmosphere of sincere love for women of all ages and backgrounds.

A Virtuous Mission

Leading the women of CCC requires special ingredients!

Vision. To discover who we are in Christ, we model, teach, and mentor each one God sends our way with the idea of helping women find their identity in Christ. We also help women mature and develop the gifts God has given to them in order to find their place in the body of Christ.

Virtue. Women are called to live a life of godly character! We provide a warm and safe environment in order that women may grow and heal and become the Precious Jewels that God will be excited to call His.

Visitation. We want to reach out to those within the community – extending ourselves beyond the four walls to minister to those in need.

Genuine Passion

In a broken world, women need a safe haven where they can be restored. Precious Jewels is a collection of women expressing unconditional love and care. It’s where friendships are made and sisters in Christ support one another. You can expect biblical training in the deeper truths of God’s Word, Spirit-filled prayer, mentoring, and a healthy challenge to identify and fulfill your individual destiny in Christ.

Ladies Fall Bible Study (2 groups)

Ladies Fall Bible Study

Led by: Pastor Terese Rea, Madelene Sanders & Sue McAleer

Location: CCC

"No Other God" by Kelly Minter — 8 Sessions. God's people still battle idolatry today. We have idols of money, fame, power, work, ministry and people. Learn to identify the gods you may be unknowingly serving and the lies they tell you. As you dethrone your modern-day idols, you'll be set free for the more abundant life Jesus gives. Jesus can do what no other God can. Video-driven study with small groups. Childcare provided in the AM only. (Cost: $20)





Growing Every Mother Stronger

Led by: Christel Waltman

Location: CCC

This group is designed to promote relationships among our moms with small and not so small children. We strive to encourage, inspire, support each other, and build long-lasting friendships through studying God's Word, group discussions, praying for one another, fellowship, and outreach projects. In addition, from time to time, moms get together for play dates, social, or other fun activities. Invite your mom-friends to join us! Childcare is provided for ages 5 and under. (Cost: $20)