Passing the baton of leadership at CCC


Dear CCC Family,

Last year, Pastor Terese and I announced our plans for succession as we will soon step down from the role of Senior Pastors. As we approach this next Community Christian Church milestone and reflect upon the remarkable journey of the past 32 years, our hearts are filled with a deep-seated sense of love and gratitude.

We are extremely thankful for the wonderful privilege of serving you in this capacity, and we have been blessed beyond measure to witness the growth and impact of our church over the years. We are confident about the future of CCC and want to assure you that this transition is not an end but rather a continuation of our shared legacy.

As such, we’re thrilled to announce on Sunday, June 16, 2024, during our morning service, the baton of leadership will be passed to Pastor Chris and Megan with hope and assurance, knowing the values and heartbeat of CCC will thrive under their leadership as they prayerfully take our church forward.

Pastor Terese and I, along with our dedicated staff, will remain committed to our history-long mission "to preach the gospel message and lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ." Together, let's embrace this new chapter with enthusiasm, unity, and great expectation for all the Lord has in store for us.

We love you all!

Pastors Tony and Terese

P.S. Pastor Chris and Megan wanted to share their hearts with you, too. They wrote, “As we embark on this new chapter as Lead Pastors, we are humbled by the responsibility and eager to carry forward the vision set by Pastor Tony and Pastor Terese. We look forward to serving and making a difference in the lives of our church and community. During this time of transition, we kindly ask for your continued prayers as we navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The weight of this call is not lost on us, and we are relying on God's wisdom and guidance to lead us every step of the way."


1. When will the senior leadership transition take place?

The senior leadership transition is scheduled for Sunday, June 16, 2024, during the morning service. Pastor Tony will officially pass the baton of leadership to Pastor Chris.

2. What will Pastor Tony and Pastor Terese do at CCC once Chris and Megan take the Senior Pastor position?

  1. Pastor Tony and Terese will wholeheartedly support and assist the new leadership in every possible way.
  2. In terms of organizational roles after the leadership transition:
  • We will refer to them as Founding Pastors.
  • Pastor Tony will serve in a ministry support role.
  • Pastor Terese’s role and the ministry will not change for the foreseeable future.

3. Is Pastor Tony retiring?

No. Pastor Tony will continue to be part of the staff in a ministerial support capacity.

4. Will Pastor Tony still preach?

Yes. Pastor Tony will continue to preach on rotation with the teaching team.

5. What will happen to the Women’s Ministry?

Pastor Terese’s role (and the Women’s Ministry itself) will not change for the foreseeable future.

6. How will CCC look different when Pastor Chris becomes Lead Pastor?

Pastor Chris carries the values and heartbeat of CCC. As such, the ministry will look and function similarly to what it does now.

7. What will Megan Rea do once Pastor Chris becomes the Lead Pastor?

Megan Rea passionately leads a ministry called No Small Life and remains dedicated to empowering individuals to transcend the limitations that confine them to small living. Centered on faith, marriage, and practical wisdom, this ministry synergizes with CCC, enhancing the experience of its members. Follow along by clicking here. While Megan won’t hold a formal staff position within CCC, her presence and active involvement within the community will be significant. Megan, alongside her husband, will contribute her talents in creative arts and mentorship, enriching the church experience for all.

8. Will the current staff stay in their current roles?

Yes. We love and appreciate our dedicated staff.

9. Why is this transition happening now?

Pastor Tony has dedicated 40 years to full-time ministry and aspires for CCC to reach the next level of effectiveness in stewarding the plan of God. The call and anointing for Pastor Chris to lead the church are evident. Pastor Tony and Terese, the board of elders, and the board of directors, along with Pastor Chris and Megan, believe that this transition aligns with the timing of the Lord.

10. Will our doctrinal positions change at all? Where can we find our doctrinal position?

No. You can find our established doctrinal beliefs here

11. With Pastors Tony and Terese stepping back, will we need to hire more staff?

Perhaps down the road, as needs are assessed within the staff, and as ministry priorities and the budget dictate.

12. Will we be able to contact PT and Terese? And will they still attend CCC?

Yes, they will still be accessible like they have always been and will continue attending CCC.

13. Will PT and Terese serve on any leadership board, such as the Elder Board or Board of Directors?

To empower Pastor Chris in leading the church, Pastor Tony will not serve on any leadership boards.

14. How will money be handled?

The systems in place for financial stewardship and accountability will remain the same. Pastor Chris will oversee the process. 

15. Will the government of the church be the same or different? How will Pastor Chris be supported? How will accountability be established?

The current governmental structure will stay the same. Pastor Chris will oversee the financial board and elder board.

16. What’s going to happen with our prayer ministry?

Pastor Terese will continue to lead the prayer ministry as normal.